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Peter Phippen

Since 1993 "World Flutes Specialist" Peter Phippen has played and endorsed Butch Hall native American style flutes extensively in both live performance and recording applications throughout Europe and America. Listen to any of Peter's Canyon Records recordings and you will hear the haunting sounds of Butch's Special Edition E minor flute as well as his rare 4 hole low A minor bass flute.

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Jeff Ball

Jeff Ball was first exposed to the music of the American Indian Flute while attending a Powwow in Baltimore Maryland. It was the early 1990s and most people had never heard of this beautiful instrument. "It took some work but I found a flute for sale in an eclectic little music store about an hour away from home," he recalls. Thanks to a good ear, and some help from a Choctaw man named Windtamer, Jeff was soon taking his flute everywhere.

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John Huling has been composing and creating music for more than 45 years. His distant ancestors were Narraganset from Rhode Island who participated in the King Phillip war in the 1600's. His daughter is a mix of Blackfeet and Cherokee Native American Indian. 

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Mark Holland began playing Native American Flute in 1994. He started his group, Autumn's Child, in 1995 and recorded his first CD in 1997. He began his publishing and record label, Cedar n Sage Music in 1998. Mark has released 14 CDs on his own label. He recorded 2 additional albums, one on Wild Stone Media and "Planting the Seed' on Gemini Sun Records.

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Ash DarganAsh Dargan, an Australian indigenous recording artist world renowned for his mastery on the Didgeridoo has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary world music for the last eight years. His distinct blend of Australian indigenous and contemporary world music captures the essence of one of the oldest cultures on earth and with it transcends the boundaries of time. His music has been described as the soul of the Australian Dreamtime landscape with a timeless quality reflecting a deep connection and reverence for the spiritual wisdom of his ancestry.

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Robert Tree CodyRobert "Tree" Cody (traditional name Oou Kas Mah Qwet ("Thunder Bear") Native American flutist, dancer, artist, educator and actor has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, East Asia, Central and South America and Mexico. As a traditional dancer, 6 foot 10 inch "Tree" as he is called by friends and relatives is very active on the powwow circuit today as a northern traditional dancer and at times arena director or master of ceremonies.

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