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Flute Books

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Our flute bags feature buttery soft fleece fabric, complete with a leather tie and beads. These bags were made to protect your flute, even if you also use a hard case, i.e. for traveling. Place your flute in the bag, mouthpiece towards the bottom. Fold the fleece bag over where the flute ends, and wrap the leather tie around the bag to close.  Available in multiple sizes and patterns.  Select for more information.


approximately 3" x 20" in size

approximately 4" x 28" in size

approximately 5" x 34" in size


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approximately 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 5-3/4" in size

approximately 5" x 16" x 18-1/25"in size


Flutopedia an encycopedia for the Native American Flute.

Flute Tree the nature of the Native American Flute.

World Flute Society Celebrating the Musical and Cultural Expressions of the World's Indigenous and Folk Flute Traditions..

The Flutecase Store Whether around the corner or around the world, let us accompany you on your journey!

RNAFF Welcoming anyone with an interest in Native American flutes!

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